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Here, also, is a complete listing of our fly fishing podcast episodes:


    Episode 264: The Other Perks of Fly Fishing

    Episode 263: Fly Fishing Tips We’ve Picked Up from Other Fishers

    Episode 262: Three Magical Days Fly Fishing the Yellowstone River

    Episode 261: Why We Continue to Fly Fish


    Dave Kumlien on the Yellowstone Flooding and Its Effect on Fishing

    Fly Fishing with Lighter Rods

    Lessons from Our Fall Fly Fishing Trip to Montana

    Reflections on John MacLean’s Home “Waters”

    One Fine Day on the East Gallatin River

    Reflections on a Montana Fly Fishing Trip

    Episode 254: Fishing the Transition of the Season

    Episode 253: Not-So-Obvious Questions for Your Next Fly Fishing Trip

    Episode 252: The Fly Fishing Etiquette Mindset

    Episode 251: Key Factors in Your Fly Fishing Success

    Episode 250: Strategies for Fishing the Film

    Episode 249: Photographing Your Fly Fishing Experience

    Episode 248: The Complete Guide to Fly Fishing with Streamers

    Episode 247: Our Love-Hate Relationship with Salmo trutta

    Episode 246: 7 Underexplained Aspects of Fly Fishing, Part 1

    Episode 245: Summer Wearables for Fly Fishing Comfort

    Episode 244: Fly Fishing the Small Creeks of Montana

    Episode 243: 7 Midsummer Fly Fishing Tips

    Episode 242: Lessons from Our Fathers While in the Outdoors

    Episode 241: 8 Places to Cast Your Dry Fly


    Episode 240: Simplifying Your Fly Fishing Experience

    Episode 239: The Intrigue of Fly Fishing a Familiar River

    Episode 238: Best All Around Fly Rod for Normal Folk

    Episode 237: 6 Lists for Fly Fishing Success

    Episode 236: 6 Practices for Stalking Trout

    Episode 235: Flies that Work Anytime and Anywhere

    Episode 234: 4 Questions for Your Next Fly Fishing Trip

    Episode 233: Tips for Landing Bigger Fish

    Episode 232: Fishing Emergers during a Hatch

    Episode 231: The Wading Risk of Soft River Bottoms

    Episode 230: Montana Outfitter Dave Kumlien on Safe Wading

    Episode 229: The Hope of Fly Fishing in the Waiting

    Episode 228: The Makings of an Outdoors Friendship

    Episode 227: A Conversation about Yellowstone Runners

    Episode 226: Top 10 Fly Fishing Lessons from the Year

    Episode 225: Late Season Fly Fishing

    Episode 224: One Fine Rainy Day on the Madison

    Episode 223: One Fine Strange Day on the Boulder

    Episode 222: One Fine Sunny Day on the Yellowstone

    Episode 221: One Fine Cloudy Day on the Yellowstone

S5:E12 The Last Run of the Day

S5:E11 How Fly Fishers Gain Confidence

S5:E10 Strange Sightings While Fly Fishing

S5:E9 The Truth about Trout Lies

S5:E8 Fishing Hopper Season

S5:E7 Surviving Animal Encounters in the Outdoors

S5:E6 Fly Fishing Trips: Planning vs. Flexibility

S5:E5: Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park

S5:E4: Legends of Fly Fishing: Left Kreh

S5:E3: Surprising Things Trout Eat

S5:E2: Fishing Yellowstone National Park

S5:E1: Memorable Traditions in the Great Outdoors


    S4:E52: One Fine Day on One Fine Run

    S4:E51: Crazy Moments from a Recent Fly Fishing Trip

    S4:E50: Basics of Buying a Fly Rod

    S4:E49: Fishing When Grizzlies and Mountain Lions Live

    S4:E48: Landing Larger Trout

    S4:E47: Legends of Fly Fishing: Joe Brooks

    S4:E46: Fishing When Nothing Is Working

    S4:E45: Fly Care and Presentation

    S4:E44: Simplifying Your Dry Fly Fishing Experience

    S4:E43: Spring Dry Fly Fishing

    S4:E42: One Fine Winter Day on the Blue River

    S4:E41: Fair Labor Practices for Fly Fishing Products

    S4:E40: What We’d Tell Our 20-Year-Old Fly Fishing Selves

    S4:E39: Nick Lyons, Fly Fishing and the Good Life

    S4:E38: Our Simple Guide to Fly Fishing Wading Boots

    S4:E37: Peter Stitcher on Spring Fly Fishing

    S4:E36: Live at the Lee Wulff TU Chapter

    S4:E35: Best Fly Fishing Advice, Part 2

    S4:E34: Taking an Exotic Fly Fishing Trip

    S4:E33: Setting Fly Fishing Goals for the New Year

    S4:E32: 7 Questions for Knowing Your River

    S4:E31: Wading Commandments Revisited

    S4:E30: Days of Mystique on the River

    S4:E29: Decisions that Make or Break Your Fly Fishing Day

    S4:Eq28: One Fine Day on the East Gallatin

    S4:E27: Best Fly Fishing Advice, Part 1

    S4:E26: Avoiding Fly Fishing Burnout

    S4:E25: The Angling Interval – Key to Fish Survival

    S4:E24: Protecting Your Fly Rod

    S4:E23: One Fine Day on Quake Lake

    S4:E22: Are You Too Serious about Fly Fishing?

    S4:E21: Top Ten Dont’s When Visiting Yellowstone National Park

    S4:E20: How to Learn the Basics of Euro Nymphing

    S4:E19: Catching More and Bigger Fish with Streamers

    S4:E18: Overcoming a Fly Fishing Plateau

    S4:E17: Mysteries of the Fly Fishing Universe, Part 3

    S4:E16: How to Plan a Memorable Fly Fishing Trip

    S4:E15: Organizing Your Fly Box Chaos

    S4:E14: What Fly Fishing Does for Our Day Job

    S4:E13: Properly Handling and Photographing Fish

    S4:E12: Fly Fishing in Snake Country

    S4:E11: The Missing Salmon Project

    S4:E10: Summer Dry Fly Fishing Lessons

    S4:E9: Drift Boat Fly Fishing

    S4:E8: For the Love of Fly Rods

    S4:E7: Hemingway, the Outdoors and the Good Life

    S4:E6: Our Dry Fly Dropper Rigs

    S4:E5: Mysteries of the Fly Fishing Universe, Part 2

    S4:E4: Fly Fishing on a Family Vacation

    S4:E3: Fly Fishing Rules Made to Be Broken

    S4:E2: Nymph Fishing Tips from Our Listeners

    S4:E1: 6 Fly Fishing Trends Shaping Our Sport


    S3:E52: When Your Honey Hole Disappears

    S3:E51: Diners, Dives and Two Hungry Fly Fishers

    S3:E50: One Fine Day on Nelson’s Spring Creek

    S3:E49: Mysteries of the Fly Fishing Universe, Part 1

    S3:E48: Fly Fishing Safely in the Summer

    S3:E47: One Fine Day on the Madison at Bear Trap Canyon

    S3:E46: Why We Like to Fish Alone

    S3:E45: What Fishing Guides Have Taught Us about Ourselves

    S3:E44: The Variables of Spring Fly Fishing

    S3:E43: One Fine Day between Hebgen and Quake Lakes

    S3:E42: Adjustments to Improve Your Fly Fishing Game

    S3:E41: Legends of Fly Fishing: Bud Lilly

    S3:E40: Extending the Life of Your Fly Fishing Gear

    S3:E39: One Fine Day in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness

    S3:E38: Fly Fishing for Brookies

    S3:E37: When Life Gets in the Way of Fishing

    S3:E36: Fly Fishing Off Color Water

    S3:E35: What the Big Brown Trout Had for Lunch

    S3:E34: The Short Happy Life of a Mayfly

    S3:E33: The Roller Coaster of Learning to Fly Fish

    S3:E32: The Art of Making Small Adjustments on the River

    S3:E31: Parenting Your Kids to Love the Outdoors

    S3:E30: What Your Strike Indicator Tells You

    S3:E29: 2017 Fly Fishing Reflections

    S3:E28: Living in Fly Fishing Exile

    S3:E27: Matthew Lourdeau @CASTINGACROSS on Fly Fishing Shows

    S3:E26: One Fine Day on the Madison at Baker’s Hole

    S3:E25: The Exceptional People You Meet While Fishing

    S3:E24: One Fine Fall Day in Yellowstone National Park

    S3:E23: Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine When Fly Fishing

    S3:E22: From Guided Float Trips to Fly Fishing Solo

    S3:E21: Which Is the Best Overall Fly Rod

    S3:E20: The Wonders of Brown Trout Fishing

    S3:E19: Buying Fly Fishing Gear for Your Next Trip

    S3:E18: Overcoming the 5 Barriers to Fly Fishing More

    S3:E17: One Fine Day on Montana’s Elk Creek

    S3:E16: Dry Fly Fishing Lessons from the Summer

    S3:E15: You Can’t Fix Stupid Outdoor Behavior

    S3:E14: Fly Fishing Guide Glen Zarboni on Nymph Fishing

    S3:E13: The Mystique of Fall Fly Fishing

    S3:E12 Fly Fishing Grizzly Country

    S3:E11 One Fine Morning on the Little Jordan

    S3:E10 Fishing the Dead Zones

    S3:E9 Fishing the Colorado High Country

    S3:E8 One Fine Evening on Wisel Creek

    S3:E7 Fly Fishing Persistence and When to Quit

    S3:E6 Getting Ready to Fly Fish

    S3:E5 Blogger Matthew Lourdeau on Fly Fishing Culture

    S3:E4 The Art of Fly Fishing Alone

    S3:E3 Summer Fly Fishing Joys and Woes

    S3:E2 7 Tips to Better Fly Casting

    S3:E1 Fly Fishing, Fathers and a Love for the Outdoors


    S2:E52 Life Lessons from 104 Fly Fishing Episodes

    S2:E51 Fly Fishing Lies and Half Truths

    S2:E50 Our Top 7 Lessons from Hiring Fly Fishing Guides

    S2:E49 Our Favorite Two Fly Combos

    S2:E48 One Fine Day on Canfield Creek

    S2:E47 Fly Fishing Net Gains and Losses

    S2:E46 The Limits of Unlimited Fly Fishing

    S2:E45 Our 5 Most Dangerous Moments on the River

    S2:E44 10 Fly Fishing Proverbs for the Soul

    S2:E43 Casting Upstream or Downstream?

    S2:E42 Fishing Emergers during a Hatch

    S2:E41 Better Fly Fishing Photos

    S2:E40 The Clues to Trout Feeding Behavior

    S2:E39 Gearing Up for a New Fly Fishing Season

    S2:E38 One Fine Day on the Blue River

    S2:E37 How to Plan Your Next Fly Fishing Trip

    S2:E36 Fly Fishing Physics 101

    S2:E35 Organizing Your Fly Box

    S2:E34 Fly Fishing Spring Creeks

    S2:E33 Fishing the Wild Places

    S2:E32 Fly Fishing Myths of “More”

    S2:E31 Nymph Fishing Tactics for Beginners

    S2:E30 Fly Fishing Expectations for the New Year

    S2:E29 This Past Year’s Fly Fishing Lessons

    S2:E28 One Fine Day on Willow Creek

    S2:E27 The Myths and Truths of Catching Big Fish

    S2:E26 The Markers of Fly Fishing Satisfaction

    S2:E25 Benefits of a Fly Fishing Buddy

    S2:E24 Assessing Our Fly Fishing Gear

    S2:E23 One Fine Day on the Gardner River (Day 2)

    S2:E22 One Fine Day on the Gardner River (Day 1)

    S2:E21 The Art of Fly Fishing Mentoring

    S2:E20 Sustaining Your Fly Fishing Passion

    S2:E19 The Difference between Native and Wild Trout

    S2:E18 Fly Fishing Trip Preparations

    S2:E17 Fly Fishing Solitude

    S2:E16 Reasons You’re Not Catching Fish

    S2:E15 Fly Fishing with Streamers

    S2:E14 Lessons from the Yellowstone River Closure

    S2:E13 Fly Fishing Gear We Use

    S2:E12 The Promise of Fall Fly Fishing

    S2:E11 Fly Fishing Etiquette

    S2:E10 Colorado Fly Fishing High

    S2:E9 When Your Fly Fishing Trip Is a Dud

    S2:E8 Making Time to Fly Fish

    S2:E7 Fly Fishing Made Simple

    S2:E6 One Fine Day on the Madison River

    S2:E5 The Five Mindsets of a Successful Fly Fisher

    S2:E4 Our Top Nymph and Wet Fly Patterns

    S2:E3 The Basics of Nymphing

    S2:E2 Our Fly Fishing Bucket Lists

    S2:E1 What Makes for a Satisfying Day on the River


    Episode 52: Fly Fishing Observations from a Year of Podcasting

    Episode 51: Should You Tie Your Own Flies?

    Episode 50: Unlikely Places to Catch Trout

    Episode 49: Making Sense of Leaders and Tippet

    Episode 48: Fly Fishing Brands and Your Next Purchase

    Episode 47: Improving Your Fly Presentation

    Episode 46: One Magical Day on the River

    Episode 45: The Joy of Fly Fishing with Hoppers

    Episode 44: Identifying Trout Lies

    Episode 43: 5 Fly Fishing Dangers

    Episode 42: Spring Fly Fishing Success

    Episode 41: Funny Outdoor Moments

    Episode 40: The Inconsiderate Fly Fisher

    Episode 39: Wade Fishing vs Floating

    Episode 38: Fly Fishing Hacks

    Episode 37: Why We Fly Fish

    Episode 36: Packing for a Fly Fishing Day Trip

    Episode 35: Breaking Out of a Fly Fishing Slump

    Episode 34: Finding New Fly Fishing Waters

    Episode 33: Fly Fishing the Wisconsin Driftless

    Episode 32: Our Five Favorite Trout Flies

    Episode 31: Fly Fishers’ Use of Public Access

    Episode 30: Gary Borger on How Fly Fishing Strengthens Families

    Episode 29: Planning Your Next Fly Fishing Trip

    Episode 28: Fly Fishing Gadgets Galore

    Episode 27: A Guide to Hiring a Guide

    Episode 26: Landing Bigger Trout

    Episode 25: TU’s Dave Kumlien on Fly Fishing and Conservation

    Episode 24: The Art of Stalking Trout

    Episode 23: The Healing Properties of Fly Fishing

    Episode 22: Choosing the Right Fly Rod

    Episode 21: How to Fly Fish a Lake

    Episode 20: Interview with a Fly Fishing Sage

    Episode 19: Our Favorite Outdoor Authors

    Episode 18: The Basics of Safe Wading

    Episode 17: Fly Fishing and Friendship

    Episode 16: Weathering the Weather on the River

    Episode 15: Gary Borger on Fly Fishing Spring Creeks

    Episode 14: The 6 Fly Fishing Personalities You’ll Meet

    Episode 13: Introducing Your Kids to the Great Outdoors

    Episode 12: The Stupid Things Fly Fishers Do

    Episode 11: Five Lessons from a Recent Fly Fishing Trip

    Episode 10: How Fly Fishing Restores Our Wounded Warriors

    Episode 9: Fishing the Hatch

    Episode 8: Crazy Stuff Happens While Fly Fishing

    Episode 7: Fly Fishing the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

    Episode 6: Gary Borger on the Making of “A River Runs Through It”

    Episode 5: Reflections on “A River Runs Through It”

    Episode 4: You Can Learn to Fly Fish Too!

    Episode 3: Wildlife Encounters While Fly Fishing

    Episode 2: Five Ways to Catch More Trout

    Episode 1: My Best Day on the River

13 Replies to “Fly Fishing Podcast Archives”

  1. Just now ran across your web site and wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to read the various article you have written with so much humility. No “Fly Fishing Snobbery” to be found here, just simple, common sense articles that give good advice on a subject too often unnecessarily shrouded in a fog of snobbery and elitism.

    Way to go guys, you bring Fly Fishing in an interesting, entertaining way to the masses.

    Jim Watson

    1. Thanks so much, Jim (and sorry that we missed replying to this comment earlier). We consider ourselves “veteran beginners,” and this blog project has helped us grow in our understanding. It’s a privilege to try to communicate in the way you described–interesting, entertaining, and accessible to all kinds of people, especially those who are new to fly fishing.

  2. In this day of super-aggressive “ripping lips” culture, it is very refreshing to hear you talk of your love of fly fishing with such humility. I’ve deeply appreciated several of your episodes, and while there such good tech information, I have been especially touched by the way you have honored your fathers, the respect you have for each other, and the perspective you have on the sport we all love. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thank-you so much for your podcast. I took up fly fishing in March (I haven’t fished in over 35 yrs) and recently completed ‘the slam’ in CO last week! Your podcast was my primary source of instruction and I just ordered your book.

    Keep up the great work, you guys are the best source of tips and teaching BY FAR!

    Todd Gray

  4. Hi Guys!

    Love the book and the podcasts. I’ve learned so much and really enjoy your easygoing style. Here is my request for a “list”: what are your top five casting videos? Here in Colorado I am pretty much at the winter lull but I can practice casting on nice days. I’d love your suggestions.

    Thanks so much and keep it going!

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