S4:E51 Crazy Moments from a Recent Fly Fishing Trip

You can’t make this stuff up – that’s a common expression after seeing or experiencing something unusual. On a recent fly fishing trip, we collected several strange moments that in aggregate made the trip one to remember. Steve had some apologizing to do after this trip.


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2 Replies to “S4:E51 Crazy Moments from a Recent Fly Fishing Trip”

  1. I used to drive an old Kia Soul. I had parked it in the lot next to a small stream and had opened the hatchback to get my gear on. I was sitting on the rear bumper putting on my waders when I feel the car start to move; I had forgotten to put the car in gear or pull up the emergency brake. It was slowly rolling down an incline towards the sharp drop off of the stream bank.
    I grabbed the bumper and leaned back, doing so I could keep the car from moving, but I had two problems: one, if I let go, the car would resume its slow creep down the grade towards the stream bank; and two, my waders were around my ankles. All I could think of was how much it was going to cost me to get this towed out of the stream and how much ribbing I would take from the locals when they saw the car with DC tags in the stream.
    I manage to briefly let go of the bumper, scramble up to the rear wheel well, grab that as the car resumes it’s roll towards the edge of the bank. Repeating this, I was able to work my way from the rear wheel well to the rear passenger door and then to the driver’s door. All the while I was saying to myself “please be unlocked, please be unlocked” as I realized the keys were my waders’ pocket around my ankles.
    It was unlocked, I pulled up the brake, put the car in gear and then looked around to see if anyone was watching. Only the fish.

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