Episode 240: Simplifying Your Fly Fishing Experience

Like all of life, fly fishing has become increasingly complex: Just try to sort through the dizzying array of fly fishing rods before you purchase your next one. In this episode, we discuss our aspirations to simplify our fly fishing experience.

What might that look like for you?


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4 Replies to “Episode 240: Simplifying Your Fly Fishing Experience”

  1. Really enjoyed this episode. I’m working on simplifying all my gear and flies. One thing I believe leads to the accumulation of gear, especially for beginners, is assistance getting over the learning curve. Instead of practicing knots, there’s gadgets marketed to make it easier. Instead of learning how to get a good drift and put the fly in the right spot, there’s a myriad of flies to choose from that might get a fish to chase out of its hold. Most gadgets for any hobby are really geared for getting a beginner over the learning curve. Keep up the fun chatter.

    1. Really appreciate this comment. You are so right … “is assistance getting over the learning curve.” So true.

  2. I loved this podcast (I enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed your book!), I’m also at stage in my life where I no longer compete to be at the right location on the right river at the right time with the newest technique. I believe we often over compensate with knowledge until we gain experience. Personally, I still enjoy casting my 2 piece Thomas and Thomas 6 wt.

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