Episode 232: Fishing Emergers during a Hatch

Fishing emergers during a hatch is as fundamental as it gets. While it may seem counter-intuitive to the new fly fisher, it’s a staple of the veteran.

In this episode, we start off with a couple great stories from recent trips when the stars aligned, and we hit a hatch perfectly. But the fish were not hitting our flies on the surface. We had to drop an emerger.


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4 Replies to “Episode 232: Fishing Emergers during a Hatch”

  1. Good podcast gentlemen. The emerger. Absolutely my favorite fly to fish . I just about use one everytime , everywhere I hit the stream. My go to is a CDC emerger that some call the F Fly . I was taught to tie a version of this fly long before the F Fly made its debut by an old gentlemen I met on the stream in the Black Hills. He showed me this pattern he came up with that he claimed caught over 50 trout that day. Of course I was skeptical but definitely wanted to give it a try . The CDC emerger can be fished in several different ways . Subsurface, on the surface dead drift as a dry, swung and dragged probably representing a caddis . One of the best days on the water i fished the tiny early black stone fly hatch. Letting the dark grey CDC sink just below the surface. That day was epic . I have looked forward to seeing the little stones fly hatch ever since. I love love love the emerger. I definitely recommend the CDC F-Fly, also the RS2 . My version of the F-Fly a little longer tail tied in dark dun often can make the difference. Happy Easter be safe tight lines.

    1. Oh and yes 50 fish in a day is very possible under the right conditions and Steve you can start with this fly as a dry and can be ready when the trout are going after the emerger in a split second by letting it sink. Another til sometimes i will let the fly complete the drift and strip the fly back like a wet fly or a super small streamer

    1. Great idea. We need to do some writing posts where we show this. Really love this idea.

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