246: 7 Under Explained Aspects of Fly Fishing, Part 1

Underexplained aspects of fly fishing tend to contribute to our struggles on the water until we figured out the truth. “Duh! How did I not know this after all these years?” There are so many underexpalined aspects of fly fishing that simply escaped us during the first few years of fly fishing. Frankly, we’re still learning new hacks or tips that seem obvious in retrospect.

In this episode, we offer up the first seven hacks or even simple casts of fly fishing that seem “under explained” to us. We may have learned the hack or tip from a guide. Or a gracious friend. We think this will be Part 1 of several future episodes, once we learn from you which you had to learn from a friend or mentor or guide. Or even had to learn it the hard way – on your own.



Fly fishing is a lot more than simply learning how to cast.

There are thousands of techniques and hacks that can help you catch more fish.

Our book, The Fly Fisher’s Book of Lists is packed with tips and hacks that you may not have known.

Often, it’s the little things that make a big difference, increasing your enjoyment of the sport.

This book is a must-read for folks who prefer to scan lists and find new ways to catch more fish. Read one list, and, like a handful of peanuts, you won’t be able to stop at one.

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5 Replies to “246: 7 Under Explained Aspects of Fly Fishing, Part 1”

  1. As a self taught fly fisher and fly tier I can completely relate to this podcast. I started fly fishing in the early 80s and just a couple weeks just learned how to correctly put my flies in the fly box that are lined with foam and have the slits. Ive been putting them in wrong the whole time. Yup embarrassing.

  2. I only have one comment, Dave your mic is over modulating and has a lot of echo to it. Maybe you could turn the output down and put a sock on your mic. I really enjoy your show and listen a couple of times each week, keep up the good work.

  3. Great podcast guys. I really enjoy your podcast. You guys work well with each other and speak in layman’s terms, so to speak. Thank you for all you do for fly Fishing. You both do more, than to know for the sport. Again Thank You.

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