S5:E1 Memorable Traditions in the Great Outdoors

Traditions in the great outdoors are routines with meaning. It’s one thing to make a single memory with a fly fishing or hunting trip. But traditions in the great outdoors create multiple layers of memories that enrich and give joy to life. In this episode, Steve and Dave interview Dave’s father on his family’s traditions – and what they means to the family.


Great Stuff from Our Listeners. At the of every episode, we reflect on a comment from one of our listeners. We’ve learned so much through the years from the insights and stories of our listeners.

What are your favorite or most memorable traditions in the great outdoors? We’d love to hear your stories.

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One Reply to “S5:E1 Memorable Traditions in the Great Outdoors”

  1. I really loved this episode. I’ve listened to a grab bag of your episodes over the past few weeks and this one stood out for me. Dave had a spark in his voice recounting the family history alongside his father.

    For me personally, the episode reframed my expectations for a yearly trip that I felt has become a bit stale and predictable. This will be year 8 of building a foundation for “tradition”. Now I’m completely ok with that, even if we’re trading off some locales I’d love to visit for the (somewhat) predictable “tradition”. Thanks for fixing my head space with this episode.

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