242: Outdoors Lessons from Our Fathers

Parents, both mothers and fathers, play an inordinate role in the belief systems and destiny of their children. This weekend is Father’s Day Weekend, and so we wanted to share the lessons from our fathers while hunting and fishing in the great outdoors.

In this episode, we select three lessons each (six total) that our fathers taught us while we hunted and fished. Neither of our fathers was a fly fisher, but both loved to hunt and fish. Their legacy lives on in our lives.


Great Stuff from Our Listeners.

What lessons did you learn from your father or mother – or another mentor – that came from the outdoor life?

Or maybe you have a great story to tell, even if it doesn’t fit this episode!

We love hearing from you! Post your comments below, and we’ll stitch them in at the end of one of one of our episodes.

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