S4:E36 Live at the Lee Wulff TU Chapter

Trout Unlimited is a distributed army of passionate conservationists, united by the mission to save the coldwater fisheries of North America. Recently, the Lee Wulff Trout Unlimited chapter invited us to share the story of 2 Guys and a River at one of their monthly meetings. This episode is an edited version of that wonderful evening at the Village Pizza and Pub in Carpentersville, IL. The pizza was fantastic, the conversation invigorating. And for almost an hour, the delightful folks at the Lee Wulff Trout Unlimited chapter tolerated our ramblings and generously laughed at our feeble attempts at humor. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed the January evening with them.


Great Stuff from Our Listeners. Our theme in this episode is about why we love fly fishing. We’d love for you to post a story that captures the essence of why you love our sport.


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4 Replies to “S4:E36 Live at the Lee Wulff TU Chapter”

  1. Pretty cool you guys got to do the the Pod Cast for Lee Wulff TU . Hopefully this will get your pod cast viewership up. I tried to get a membership patch from them last year even told them I’d pay for it but no dice lol. They said I had to become a member which I tried to do but TU keeps changing my membership to the SD chapter or it does it automatically. Well is was a good podcast . I enjoy listening to all your adventures. Tight lines

  2. Loved your tales of western fishing – fat western fishing on big western rivers.
    No need to distract folks with your comments about those skinny little cricks in Minnesota. Nothing to see there. Move along now. ?

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