S3:E38 Fly Fishing for Brookies

Fly fishing for brookies is one of the great joys of life. In this episode, we regale each other with stories of fly fishing for brookies and also discuss a study from the Minnesota DNR about whether brown trout are crowding out the native brook trout population in the Driftless. We wrap up our conversation with some tips for catching even more of these Great Wonders of the world.

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We’d love to hear a story about the largest brook trout you’ve caught! Please post your comments below.


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6 Replies to “S3:E38 Fly Fishing for Brookies”

  1. Brook Trout my absolute favorite. Guess it comes from being raised in Brook Trout country in Maine . To me they are the most beautiful trout that swims . I love that they are found in the most beautiful places on God’s great earth . I have found and caught them in remote beaver ponds all through the north woods of Maine . I have fished them in the smallest of creeks and brooks all over NewEngland . They are a great trout to get kids started in the art of fly fishing . Mainly because they are so eager to take a fly. Once you find them they are usually in bunches . I’ve seen where small brooks enter a stream and they are stacked in the hundreds . Perfect for kids and yes adults . My favorite time of year to fish them is fall . The brilliant color of the male is stunning. For the dry fly fisherman it’s the absolutely best time to fish them . My most successful fly had to be the renegade. I’ve had had multiple outings catching 40 or more fish on the Renegade. I now live in the Black Hills of South Dakota and I am lucky to fish these gems in the tail waters of lakes like Pactola and Deerfeild . Deerfield lake holds the record Brook Trout of 11 pounds 4 ounces . Caught through the ice . That would have been epic on a fly rod .

    1. Well said. Would love to catch a 11 pounder on a fly rod!

      How did you make your way to South Dakota? I went to high school in SD.


      1. Hahaha yes an 11 pounder on a 2wt . I made my way to the Black Hills of SD through the military and where I met my wonderful wife.

  2. Loved the podcast on obstacles. With regard to fishing buddies; they are hard to keep. They move away or their life gets in the way. Mine moved away but we still make 2 or 3 trips together each year. The rest of the time I’ve turned to my local fly fishing club. Great way to make new friends with a common interest in Fly fishing. Thanks for the podcasts.

  3. Hey Guys!
    Let me start by saying love your podcast and always look forward to a new one. I know nothing about producing a podcast but I’ve noticed that the last few have been hard to hear. I turn the volume way up then if I switch to another podcast or music it is blasting. Don’t know if that’s on your side or not but I thought I’d mention it. Keep up the great work.

  4. Brook trout are my favorite fish. I am fortunate to have native wild Brookies all around me. The first fish I ever caught on a fly rod was a brook trout. This is a great story. I remember going down to our camp on a beautiful fall day. The water was low. There is a very small waterfall in front of the cabin. My wife decided to put a camp chair right on top of the rocks in the middle of the falls. ( not much water was flowing). I decided to try my new fly rod. I made a few casts, I started stripping in line when I got a strike, as I tried to set the hook, I got so excited I let go of the line and raised the rod and all I got was the slack line. I must of had 20′ of fly line by my feet. Realizing after what felt like an eternity I was able to grab my fly line and to my surprise that Brookie was still on. My first fish on a fly rod was a 10″ native brook trout.

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