Episode 223: One Fine Strange Day on the Boulder

After two terrific days on the Yellowstone River, we changed it up a bit. We headed to the Boulder River, south of Big Timber, Montana. This is the third of four episodes from a recent fly fishing trip to Yellowstone Country in Montana and northern Wyoming. We decided to call this episode “One Fine Strange Day on the Boulder.”

Almost two months earlier, a fly fisher had drowned near the stretch of river we fished that day. And the body was never found. The Boulder is treacherous to wade in places. But it is not a big river; it’s more of a stream. Some think the fly fisher is stuck at the bottom of a 15-foot pool not far from where he fell in. That weighed on our mind as we fished nearby. If you haven’t yet listened to the first two episodes in this series, visit the Fly Fishing Podcast Archives page.


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One Reply to “Episode 223: One Fine Strange Day on the Boulder”

  1. Thanks for the podcast, episode 223. Just found your site. I have a cabin on the Boulder about 5miles south of the natural bridge. Have had some success on the upper section and will spend much more time in the future now that I retired.
    Enjoyed your talk, just wish when describing the area you would have names of campgrounds or trailheads. Or two mile or four mile bridge.
    Thanks again I Will be exploring it more and using my 4 wt.

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