S4:E4 Fly Fishing on a Family Vacation

Fly fishing on a family vacation is a nice idea in theory but often impractical in reality. Often, you simply make the family unhappy with you. In this fun episode, we regale each other with family vacations gone awry and offer a few practical ideas for fly fishing on a family vacation. You may want to have your family listen to this episode with you. Or maybe not!

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We’d love to hear your family vacation stories. How have you integrated fly fishing with family on a vacation? Please post your comments below!


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4 thoughts on “S4:E4 Fly Fishing on a Family Vacation

  1. I am around trout water so seldom, that when we go to Southwest Colorado to see my in-laws, it is very difficult to find time to fish, while also not being a bad guest. What I finally figured out is this: Instead of panicking and trying to find a couple of hours here and there (and usually being disappointed with the results), I plan on a solid day of fishing. I spend a good bit of time before -hand splitting and stacking firewood for my father in law, helping with projects around the house, spending time with my wife and others on the trip – just being a part of the family. But I make sure they know that I will be on Big Blue Creek chasing brookies for good day. And that may be the only fishing I do on that trip. I make sure (especially if fishing solo) that they know where I will be and roughly what time I plan on being back.

    The quality of my un-rushed fishing is so much better than when I used to scramble for every bit of time on the water I could find.

    • Terrific comment. Very wise. I would struggle to get out only once, but in the end, it’s what works for the entire family. Lots of good vibes from the father in law, too, when you stick around to help out.

      Thank you for your comment!


  2. Guys, great episode as always (fishing on family vacation) and timely for me. Each summer my family and I go on a 2 week road trip around the west (leaving from Boulder CO). This year we will be going through Jackson, then up through Grand Teton and north through Yellowstone NP and out at West Yellowstone. We’ll then continue up the Gallatin gateway, staying a few nights at red Cliff campground just south of Big Sky. Luckily for me my family supports my habit (fly fishing!). My wife loves to run and ride Mt. Bikes so we trade off with our activities. Sometime they will come with me and like around or just sit and relax with a good book. Still, I’m limited to about 4 hours (my choice, as I start to feel guilty) at a time. The key is balance. I may fish one day but spend the next two days just focused on family activities. Our other activitiy is Rock climbing, which the whole family likes to do, so finding and activities that everyone likes to do is also key.

    I also wanted to thank you for the Tenkara mention in this episode. Tenkara is that weird uncle of the fly fishing world. Sometime I do get made fun of! Anyway, I mostly Tenkara fish, especially on my local waters around the Front Range, RMNP, and Fraser/Grand lake area. I’m hooked. So fun to pull in a trout with a dry fly on a Tenkara rod. I mostly use my rod and reel for nymphing and bid water and my Tenkara rod for everything else (creeks and small streams).

    I have a recommendation for and episode which I will get to in a minute, but I was wondering if you might have a recommendation for a half day place to fly fish in Yellowstone NP? I know you guys know that area well. Anywhere from the south entrance to West Yellowstone. Any must fish places if I only have that one day?My family may just hang around with me or I can drop the in West Yellowstone.

    Now to that recommendation. Have you done an episode on confrontation with other fly fishers or what to do when someone is doing something illegal, if anything. I’ve recently had a bad experience with a fellow fly fisher. To make a long story short, I scrambled down a bank to fish a regular hole unaware that another fly fisher was already there. I was friendly and asked if he was having any luck. He didn’t answer. He just starred me down. knew he wasn’t pleased to see me. He then barked “go fish somewhere else”. I told him I would move down river a ways. He said “no you are not. Go somewhere else”. I said I wasn’t planning on being in his way. He got agitated and began yelling at me. This was I a Saturday and every hole was filled. Unfortunately, I took his bait and got agitated back at him. Lost my cool a bit and told him he didn’t own the creek and said I was staying although I would have gladly moved on if he wasn’t such a jerk. I could tell he would have resorted to violence so I left. Shaken, but in one piece. I was so distraught that I didn’t fish for a week or so although I notmally fish 3-4 times per week. That was my first really bad experience with another fly fisher, which in my opinion are generally a great bunch of people.

    I also witnessesed someone fishing today with bait and keeping the fish in a catch and release artificial fly and lures body of water. I was shocked and didn’t say anything. I should have but I was a bit stage shy after my episode above. What would have been the right thing to do? I didn’t want to call the division of wildlife, but maybe I should have. So maybe you can have an episode on your ‘bad’ experiences while fly fishing and what you did or wish you would have done.

    Great podcast. Maybe best on the internet. You guys sound fun. Wish you were my fishing buddies!

    Best regards. Gary felix, Boulder, CO.

  3. Interesting topic. I have to admit I’ve gone on family vacations and taken the fly rod . Now that being said On a trip to Yellowstone I did purchase a license for other family members that consisting of the Male members of the family. To get around this I gave the Mrs the credit card so she could take the female members to West Yellowstone to go shopping. Turned out to be very spendy fishing trip but what’s a guy going to do ? I mean its Yellowstone for crying outloud. Worth every dime I mean Ben Franklin.