250: Strategies for Fishing the Film

Fishing the film begins with a different mindset. We often think first about fishing on top of the surface or at the bottom of the river.

In this episode, we discuss the “film” mindset” and offer four strategies for greater fly fishing success. One strategy is simply to let your soggy dry fly drift submerged at the end of the drift.


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One Reply to “250: Strategies for Fishing the Film”

  1. FILM IS HOME. Gary is dead on when it comes to fishing the film . Ive caught some of my biggest trout as well caught the most fish in the film . I know what Gary is saying when it comes to insect life that it often gets trapped and trout feed on the insects in trouble. But another thing i believe to be a benefit . You can get much closer to the fish because those fish can’t see you sneaking up on them allowing you to make more precise cast . Sometimes right over the top of them dropping a small nymph , dry into the honey hole. Never overlook the film foam line .

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