S2:E26 The Markers of Fly Fishing Satisfaction

Fly fishing satisfaction is situational. And personal. Folks fly fish for many reasons. There’s no single marker of fly fishing satisfaction, with the exception of “catching lots of and big trout.” Click now to listen to “The Markers of Fly Fishing Satisfaction.”

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Great Stuff from Our Listeners. At the end of each episode, we often include a feature called “Great Stuff from Our Listeners.” We read a few of the comments from this blog or from our Facebook page. We enjoying hearing from our readers and listeners, and appreciate your advice, wisdom, and fly fishing experience.

What are the markers of true fly fishing satisfaction? Please post your ideas below!

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4 Replies to “S2:E26 The Markers of Fly Fishing Satisfaction”

  1. Back to the comment/debate with tying the flies you fish. Honestly this can play out to “do you tie your own leaders vs store bought tapered? Do you fish with a bamboo rod, glass, graphite or boron?” And this bring us back to the original dry fly vs nymph question. I guess I could add here do you fish with greased gut line and horse hair? Nuff said, it all boils down to “do you catch fish and enjoy the sport? By the way I only use 100% organic materials for all the flies I tie.

  2. This goes along with the simple satisfaction of catching fish, but I’d say that for me, the process of getting to the water, making a plan based on what you observe going on around you, and then having it actually pay off with a fish has been the most fulfilling thing. I’d guess this is especially true for beginners like me. As a newbie, a lot of fly fishing has sometimes seemed difficult and mysterious. I’ve had a bit of success by just following the recommendations of friends and shop owners, but the couple of times that I’ve caught fish by making my own reads and adjustments on the fly have been the most rewarding. There was a day last year when I actually recognized blue-winged olives coming off the water (which was a big deal for a novice), so I switched to a bwo pattern and was rewarded with a couple fish. The problem-solving part of fly fishing is pretty cool, and that feeling of having figured it out, even for just a few minutes in one run, was fantastic

    1. Terrific comment, Steve. It really is satisfying to catch fish when you’ve made your own reads or adjustments. I love that you recognized BWOs coming off the water and made an adjustment that rewarded you with fish. Problem-solving really is a needed skill for fly fishers–as well as the patience needed to stick with it!

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