S4:E21 Top 10 Dont’s When Visiting Yellowstone National Park

You’ve read all about all the wonderful places to see or things to do the next time you visit Yellowstone National Park: Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, Tower Fall, Yellowstone Lake – just to name a few. This episode, though, is all about the dont’s – what NOT to do the next time you enter the hallowed sanctuary of the Park. This is a light-hearted yet straight-up episode on making sure you enjoy the vistas and wild animals of Yellowstone without losing your life. Steve regales us with some hilarious stories about visiting Yellowstone National Park when he was a kid, and we recount some of our encounters with wild animals on our many fishing trips in the Park.

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What have we missed? What other “dont’s” should be on this list?


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3 Replies to “S4:E21 Top 10 Dont’s When Visiting Yellowstone National Park”

  1. 3 Lessons from a Yellowstone animal encounter:
    On the trail to Wolf Lake, looked up to see a grizzly on the trail staring at me. Remembered the part about not running, remembered the part about praying, but forgot everything else. I turned around and started walking away. Looked back over my shoulder and the bear was following me, getting closer. I finally stopped and turned around. We stood facing each other at 20 yards for what seemed like 10 minutes (probably 10 seconds). I gave a warning shot of pepper spray and it turned away.
    Lesson 1: Never turn your back on a bear.
    (By the way — caught a few nice grayling at the lake but was so nervous about hiking back, I fished for less than an hour. On the way back, I shouted so loud every bear in the park could hear me.)
    The bear spray couldn’t be passed on to someone else before flying home since it was partially discharged, so I used the rest of can for target practice. The wind shifted and a tiny amount of the mist blew back in my face. Was virtually incapacitated for several minutes and coughed for an hour.
    Lesson 2: If you have to use bear spray, hold your breath and get upwind fast.
    So, I figured at least I had a good story for the fly fishing club. At the next meeting there were two guys at my table who had fished in Alaska. Their reaction to my story: “There was only ONE grizzly? And you were scared? Really? It wasn’t even close enough to smell its breath!” And so on. They made me feel like a complete wimp.
    Lesson 3: Never tell a bear story to anyone who has spent time in Alaska.
    Love the podcast.
    Steve in Indiana

    1. Sheesh, you faced a grizzy? That is just crazy. Holy cow!

      Love the “never turn your back to a bear.” What a story!

  2. Enjoyed all your comments and things “Not to Do” in Yellowstone. Much of what you have said applies to anyone anywhere in the outdoors, particularly in the Rockies. I can’t exclude any animals in the “Deer” family but Mule Deer and Whitetail bucks will all display aggression during Rutt. Hunters calling in game should always be aware. Here in New Mexico, an archer calling turkey was surprised by a cougar that hit him in the chest before realizing he wasn’t a turkey. Assume he was very good at making turkey sounds. Cougars will stalk. Anywhere below 7000 ft. in the Rockies you can also encounter rattlesnakes. I’ve encountered Big Horn Sheep crossing ten feet behind me but they paid no attention. Never heard of any humans being hurt by them. Experience all nature without disturbing the life of the beauty of what’s there. Thanks again………Enjoy!

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