Episode 229: The Hope of Fly Fishing in the Waiting

The hope of fly fishing is a day in the not too distant future when our fears have been suspended and we make our way upstream with only the next run on our mind. In this episode, we focus not on the present moment but days gone by when we endured hardship while also making time to fish. We want our conversation to be a source of encouragement as we wait.Maybe that stretch of river that rarely disappoints will be even better months from now.


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3 Replies to “Episode 229: The Hope of Fly Fishing in the Waiting”

  1. Thank you for a wonderful podcast. During these crazy times its good to hear from you both. Answering your questions on the subject has fly fishing gotten us through a difficult time in our lives . Yes most definitely. When my dad was ill in the hospital and later pasted away. I grabbed my fly rod and headed to the stream. I have to admit several rises were blurred by the tears in my eyes. I did allot of soul searching that day on the stream. A little conversation with our lord . Praying he has accepted my father into his kingdom. As the day went i felt a comfort come over me believing that was the case. I landed a few fish and sat on the bank taking it all in . Believing my dad was looking down on me smiling and enjoying my success. Now the other question has there been a time where you just didn’t feel like fly fishing. Well that day happened to me when i lost my long time companion Sage my yellow lab . I took her everywhere all over this country and yes fly fishing. That weekend I had to have her euthanized. Holding her until she took her last breath. Later that day i took my fly rod and headed to the hills . I stopped and bought a couple beef jerkies and sodas. When i got to the stream i parked the truck grabbed the beef jerky Sages favorite. I opened the tailgate and I was reminded my friend wasn’t with me . I broke down in tears got back in my truck and drove home. There was no fishing in my heart that day. God bless you both. Prayers that you and your families will be safe. Dave once this virus is conquered your business will rebound as well. I know it . Tight lines

  2. Hey guys. As always, I enjoyed the podcast and the sound wasn’t that bad as you thought while on the phone practicing your social distancing.

    So your podcast came with good timing. I was getting ready to go out and fly fish this week as it seems like the only thing that makes sense right now. As you know, in our sport, it is constantly trying to match the hatch to make sense of what the fish is craving. Not to mention all the other things you pay attention to like casting, the correct retrieve, reading water, etc…. With the information overload that I have been trying to avoid, fly fishing was the only thing in its small complexity that makes any sense right now.

    Here is Washington, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) shut down our fishing until April 8th to adhere to the Governors order of Staying Home, Staying Safe. At first I was bitter that of all things, including social distancing, that this was a dumb move. I mean, no one in their right mind would be any closer than 6 feet of me when they see my casting technique. Heck, even I get scared of hooking myself. Lol. After some thought, I started realizing I was only being selfish as what the State is trying to prevent is not me fishing, but rather all of us suddenly traveling throughout the state to get to the good water and coming in contact with others on the way that only want to stay safe and healthy. I admit, I still feel selfish right now as I look forward to the escape to the sport that I love and the serenity of isolation on the water.

    You guys brought up good points that we can still stay connected while we wait this thing out during this trying time. I, for one, have been sitting at the bench tying again, thinking about small water and tiny flies. Although my fat fingers are struggling with Size 18s and 20s, I am making it work.

    I also have picked up a John Geirach book that has been sitting on my shelf that I haven’t read in years and reconnecting with his writing. This weekend, I plan on doing what I tend to normally put off. That is, I plan on cleaning and conditioning all of my fly lines and performing a little overdue reel maintenance at the same time.

    Although I would much rather be sinking flies that should float, I am able to still connect with my sport in other ways in anticipation of getting back out there when I am able. I can’t wait until I am out there again, realizing once again, that my casts are the Creme of the Crap. I envision that I will be smiling and hopefully not taking for granted the moments I will be able to spend on the water, with family, with friends, and enjoying God’s creation and the awesomeness that it is.

    Thanks again guys. Be safe!

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