S5:E2 Fishing Yellowstone National Park

Fishing Yellowstone National Park is a one of life’s great thrills. There’s nothing like hearing the shrill bugle of an elk in the fall while casting a hopper into the Yellowstone in early September. In his book on great fishing spots in Yellowstone, Richard Parks, founder and owner of Parks Fly Shop in Gardiner, Montana, identifies more than a hundred places to fish. And thus the challenge. In this episode, we provide an overview on fishing in Yellowstone National Park and offer a few ideas on when and where to fish.


Great Stuff from Our Listeners. At the of every episode, we reflect on a comment from one of our listeners. We’ve learned so much through the years from the insights and stories of our listeners.

Which rivers or creeks have you found productive when fishing Yellowstone National Park? We’d love to hear any stories you have about fishing in any of our national parks!

Please post your comments and stories below, and we’ll consider them for our Great Stuff from Our Listener’s segment.

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One Reply to “S5:E2 Fishing Yellowstone National Park”

  1. Loved the podcast episode on Yellowstone Park. The only negative with Yellowstone is the crowds. The old standard advice to deal with it is to get at least one mile off the road. That advice works – most of the time.

    While fishing an evening hatch on Soda Butte (which I rarely do because of the crowds there) a friendly guy walked by. He was walking back from a spot on the Lamar where he said he had an incredible day. He told me exactly where it was. I asked him about crowds and he said he there was no one anywhere in sight the entire day.

    So the next day I walked a mile and a half to the spot, trembling with anticipation. Arrived and saw two people were fishing right at the spot. OK, I thought, I can adjust, and walked downstream past the bend only to find another fisherman there. At this point I started wondering if the friendly guy had exaggerated a bit as to the secluded nature of this stretch. I turned around and went around the upstream bend – another person. At this point I am thinking the friendly guy was playing some kind of practical joke. I walked a few hundred yards and turned back to the stream – still another person. So now I figure the friendly guy had told the same story to every person in his campground.

    There is a happy ending. I walked another half mile, went down to the water and found a perfect pool. Caught 4 big cuts on a beetle before an otter swam through and announced the pool was done. Continued upstream a long ways and had a fabulous day.

    So the one-mile-from-the-road advice is good, except sometimes you have to stretch it another mile or two.
    Steve in Indiana

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