S3:E2 7 Tips for Better Fly Casting

Fly casting is the first skill that newbies learn. Every Trout Unlimited chapter and every fly shop offers classes. Yet, until a fly fisher hits the river, it’s all academic. There it gets messy. There may be precious little room for one’s back cast or the only approach to the run is at an awkward angle. In this episode on fly casting, we scare up seven tips to help fly fishers improve their cast.

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Great Stuff from Our Listeners. At the end of each episode, we often include a feature called “Great Stuff from Our Listeners.” It’s the last portion of each episode, where Steve reads one of the comments from our listeners or readers. We enjoy hearing from you, and appreciate your advice, wisdom, and fly fishing experience.

Do you have a quick tip to help aspiring and beginner fly fishers with their casting? We’d love to hear it. Please post your comments below.

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4 Replies to “S3:E2 7 Tips for Better Fly Casting”

  1. I think you guys are spot on with this one. Casting is the name of the game. Practice, practice and practice. Just remember that if you practice on grass it will affect your fly line. If you have an old reel or spool with old line, use that. The pick up and lay down cast is the most essential. Once you feel comfortable practice Ariel mends.

    1. Great comment about the Ariel mend. Thought I’d post this Orvis video on it here:


  2. My favorite comment in this episode belongs to Dave; “natural athletes, blah, blah, blah.” I am fortunate to have been a decent athlete and took to casting fairly quickly but I would recommend practicing a Roll cast to beginners. It is “safe,” versatile, and will help with the wrist action Steve mentioned. The power of the wrist should not be underestimated; ask Hank Aaron.

    Tight Lines.

    1. The only thing I was natural at in high school was speed. I had speed. But that’s about it. The hand-eye-coordination? Not so much!


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