Episode 38: Fly Fishing Hacks

Fly fishing hacks – every fly fisher has them. The word hack has so many meanings today, but for our purposes, we’re defining the term loosely to mean shortcuts or quick solutions to regular problems that we fly fishers face. In this podcast, we offer a few of our better fly fishing hacks.

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How about some of yours? We’d love to compile a long list of hacks that make our lives easier and, of course, help us catch more trout.

Post your hacks below!

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4 Replies to “Episode 38: Fly Fishing Hacks”

  1. Before ferrules were graphite to graphite, the ferrules were made of metal. The practice of rubbing the ferrules on the outside of your nose, applying skin oil on your ferrules to make them slide together and breakdown easily was the standard. If you need to use something on your ferrules, try this little trick. If you get them too tight together, try this. Hold the rod behind your knees, the stuck ferrule should be in the center, your wrists should touch your leg. Now spread your knees apart putting equal outward pressure on both ends. If you have them shoved tighter than this, take it home as is. Apply a heating pad on the female end only. A slight expansion may do the trick. You should still find metal ferrules on bamboo rods.

  2. Sunscreens and Insect repellent.

    The chemical make up of both of these can and will destroy your leader, tippett and many other things not related to flyfishing. “Deet”, being the primary active agent in insect repellents will disolve leaders and tippett. Sunscreem can do the same. Apply these from the back of your hand and not your palm or fingers. Rig your rod first and then dress accordingly. Now apply your protection. When it is hot and sweat beads up on your forehead, if you wipe it off using the face of your hand, you do not want to be handling your line without washing first. Carry hand cleaning soaps in foil packs. Grab a few when out eating crab or lobster at your restaurant, these are really good. Carry waterless hand cleaner in small travel sizes.

    1. I agree with you 100%. One other thing you should mention. do not touch your flies after applying sunscreen or repellent. The scent will turn the fish off.

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