Episode 29: Planning Your Next Fly Fishing Trip

It’s dead winter. And time to make plans for your next fly fishing trip. A few of you hardy souls are winter fishing, but most of us are dreaming of 2016. In this podcast, we discuss fly fishing in the new year and offer some ways to plan for your next fly fishing trip. Be sure to post your tips and ideas for making ready for your best fly fishing year yet!!

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Your Next Fly Fishing Trip

May 2016 bring many wonderful days on the river!

One Reply to “Episode 29: Planning Your Next Fly Fishing Trip”

  1. It is never too early to get started. The best dryfly fishing west of the Mississippi, is on the Arkansas river, out of Salida Colorado. It’s the Mothers Day Caddis Festival. A huge TU event fundraiser. But the river is in pre-runoff, clear and wadable. There are some of the finest guides around. You really should reserve your guide now.

    Keep in mind that these are the Rocky Mountains and it can revert back to winter overnight.

    If an overcast exist, the Blue Winged Olive hatch will cloud the sky. Watch for the swallows filling up on them. The winds can move the hatch faster than you can fish it. If you find the swallows, be prepared to move up or down stream to find the better part of the hatch. The Arkansas River Fly Shop has very good private waters and really fine guides. You can also fish drifting downstream in a raft. TU has many leased waters in this area as well. If you are interested in flyfishing the best dryfly waters this early in the year, make your plans well ahead. Wet your lines folks.

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