S3:E18 Overcoming the 5 Barriers to Fly Fishing More

Barriers to fly fishing more include season of life, health, beginner frustration, finances, and many others. In this episode, we identify five common barriers and discuss how we can overcome them and get out on the water more often. So much of what keeps many from fly fishing more boils down to a question: Is fly fishing something I really want to do? It’s not for everyone.

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Great Stuff from Our Listeners. At the end of each episode, we often include a feature called “Great Stuff from Our Listeners.” It’s the last segment of each episode, where Steve reads one of the comments from our listeners or readers. We enjoy hearing from you, and appreciate your advice, wisdom, and fly fishing experiences.

How do you find time to fly fish more? What have you done to make space in your life to find more time in the great outdoors?

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5 Replies to “S3:E18 Overcoming the 5 Barriers to Fly Fishing More”

  1. For me the biggest barrier is overcrowded streams
    You get all excited for the workweek to end so you can head out to the stream. Only have that excitement dashed as you come along several vehicles parked along the roadside to your favorite fishing spots. So demoralizing. I have to force myself to gear up and head to the water. Some days I question myself why I even bothered. Others I’m so glad I did. Like those days where you walk that extra mile to find beautiful water with rising trout all to oneself..it’s like Christmas

  2. For me the biggest barrier was getting past the steep learning curve. I mentioned earlier that I was hopeless when I first started out and any fish I caught was pretty much an accident. There are so many variables and when you start out, you never know which ones to adjust. I’ve gradually gone from pretty much expecting to get skunked to expecting to have a reasonable shot at a fish if conditions will halfway cooperate. If you stick with it and learn from each outing, you’ll start seeing progress and build up a foundation of basic skills that you can then adapt to conditions. I still stink, but I stink less and I’m at that point where I at least know what I need to work on to get to the next plateau. When I started out, I knew I had to work on all of it, but wasn’t sure what all of it was.

    1. Thanks, Bob. This is really insightful, and I love your last sentence … “When I started out, I knew I had to work on all of it, but wasn’t sure what all of it was.” So true.

  3. I just recently listened to the 5 barriers to fly fishing more. I have another one that I have actually heard recently. Some folks focus on numbers or size of the fish they seek. A person recently told me he would only go fishing where the chance of a “trophy” fish could be caught. I submit that he s missing much of what I love about our sport. Fly fishing is so much more than the numbers or size of the fish caught. The outdoor experience is just as meaningful to me. If I have to explain to somebody, then there a chance they may not get it anyway. I go fishing for that experience and don’t care what he latest “fish reports” tell me.
    Thanks for your interesting pod cast.


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