238: Best All Around Fly Rod for Normal Folk

The best all around fly rod is up for debate. The answer is, of course, it depends. Many fly fishers have more than one rod, but if you had to choose, which would be the best of all that’s available?

In this episode, we make a case for the nine-foot, five-weight or nine-foot six-weight rod as the best all around fly rod. However, if you’re fishing smaller creeks, you may want to consider an eight-and-a-half four-weight fly rod.


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3 Replies to “238: Best All Around Fly Rod for Normal Folk”

  1. Is there really enough rods one can own ? 🙂 although you covered this topic really well I will add to the topic. I agree the 5 or 6 weight fly rod is the most popular for most situations. That being said as you already pointed out smaller or larger rods are needed in many situations. The size of the waters the species of fish your seeking out . You wouldn’t want to go after 20 pound Atlantic Salmon with an 8 foot 5 weight. Even though the legendary Lee Wulff was known to do just that . But for us average fisherman we most likely would go for a 8 or 9 weight , 10 foot plus rod. Than theres Salt water . Don’t forget the Spey rods for Steelhead. Then the small clear spring creeks where the 2 and 4 weight 7 foot rods are perfect for those conditions . Oh and do you go graphite, boron, glass or bamboo ? Now you can see a true fly fisherman have enough rods. Now try explain that to your better half. 🙂 . I do believe i have a way around that difficult subject. You could always say its a gift to them . Yes that will work . Give a try what do you have to lose ? Tight lines guys love your podcast keep them coming.

  2. I’m a bit behind on the podcasts and found this one to be an interesting topic. My comment is to Dave in reference to the Winston TMF 8′ 4 wt. Buy one! I received one back in 1993 as an anniversary present from my wife Suzanne. The rod is a true gem and I have used it on smaller streams here in Western Wisconsin and many times in the Driftless. Another alternative Dave would be the Sage 389 LL. Sage reintroduced the LL series just this past year (?). The 389 is that perfect fit between 8 and 9 feet. It casts like a dream, is a wonderful dry fly rod, and is perfect for smaller streams as well.

    1. Thank you so much, Ed! Really helpful. Thank you for the encouragement on the 8 foot Winston. Again, very grateful for your post.


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