S4:E5 Mysteries of the Fly Fishing Universe, Part 2

Life in the great outdoors is one big mystery. This is our second installment of fly fishing mysteries, and in this episode, we discuss some deep ones, such as: Why do fly fishers wear chest waders on 85-degree days? Why do you always need to replace expensive gear during an expensive fly fishing trip? In this episode, we explore a new round of mysteries of the great outdoors.

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Great Stuff from Our Listeners. At the end of each episode, we often include a feature called “Great Stuff from Our Listeners.” It’s the last segment of each episode, where Steve reads one of the comments from our listeners or readers. We enjoy hearing from you, and appreciate your advice, wisdom, and fly fishing experiences.

You must have come across a fly fishing mystery in all your years in the outdoors. We’d love to hear it – and how you’ve made your peace with it!


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13 Replies to “S4:E5 Mysteries of the Fly Fishing Universe, Part 2”

  1. So which is it…soap or soup? OUR SPONSOR: DR. SQUATCH NATURAL SOUP.

  2. Lol! At first I thought it was something for streamside lunch… there we go, back to food!

  3. I still haven’t forgotten about the football “gear” I had to wear. Although perhaps that was the turning point from my dream of NFL stardom to my desire to spend more time on the river!

  4. My take on the greatest mystery in fly-fishing. Why do we spend so much money and time to travel to distant places to fish at the expense of (rather than in addition to) great water near our homes. I grew up in Utah, joined the Air Force and eventually landed to stay in the Washington DC area. I hung out at the local fly shop and got away to fish for trout every chance I could. Finally, one of the fly shop workers, an icon named Grizzly Lambert, threw his hands in the air and asked, “Why don’t you dance with the one that brought you?” When I confessed I didn’t understand what he meant, he gestured toward the Potomac River and said, “You have a great resource right there–smallmouth, stripers, shad, why don’t you stop pining for your trout in the Rockies and learn about the great fishing right here.” So I did. And discovered that I prefer the Potomac River to Alaska. Yes, I actually said that. I still have to satisfy my wanderlust, but not at the expense of really getting to know my local waters. In April of this year, my brother, who still lives in Utah, and I met up in Siesta Key, Florida, to chase snook and tarpon and everything else that area has to offer. We had a great time catching multiple species of fish on the fly. As we were discussing how awesome it would be to be able to live there and do that all the time, we met a local fisherman who said he really didn’t fish much around there because he really preferred his annual trips to, you guessed it, Utah.

    1. That is such a great point. The best fishing is always 1000 miles. Really good word to appreciate what’s local and to love what you’ve been given.

      Thank you for posting,

  5. Hi Guys
    I know chest waders can be hot and sweaty during the Summer, but they do offer protection from nettles and other stinging plants and more importantly from ticks. A good friend I fish with in the Wisconsin Driftless has just been diagnosed with Lyme’s disease. If you’re planning to wet wade don’t forget to spray and reapply insect repellent when necessary.

    1. Wow, I never thought about ticks. I mean, I always check and double check, but I didn’t make connection between waders and ticks. Very helpful. Thank you for pointing that out. We often wear waders on hot days in the West as a quasi-measure of “protection” from rattlesnakes but not ticks.

      Again, thank you for posting – and I sure hope your friend recovers quickly from Lyme disease.

  6. Hey now I’m one if those chest wader guys you see when its 90 out lol. I’ve always thought about buying a pair of hip waders . I always talk myself out of it . 1st is waders aren’t cheap 2nd sure as all heck as soon as I went to use them I’d find a deep pool and fill them up . Maybe I should put it on my Christmas wish list. I wouldn’t want you guys to come across some old fly fisherman wearing them chest waders on a 90 degree day lol

  7. Hi Guys- I enjoy your good humored, informative podcast and have been catching up on your back-casts.
    Regarding your Mysteries of the Fly Fishing Universe point of angler’s wearing chest waders on 85 degree days, I ask you-what better way is there for a 60 year old guy to lose weight?

    Tight lines!

    1. LOL … now that is funny. So true. We need all the help we can get!

      Justifies another 500 calories after the day!


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