230: Montana Outfitter Dave Kumlien on Safe Wading

Safe wading is rarely the first thought on a fly fisher’s mind as he or she plans for a day on the river.

It should be.

In this episode, we interview Dave Kumlien, a Montana outfitter for 40 years, former fly shop owner, and coordinator of Trout Unlimited’s Veteran Service Partnership. We start out this episode on safe wading by busting a few myths. Some of the common ideas about wading safely are patently false.


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One Reply to “230: Montana Outfitter Dave Kumlien on Safe Wading”

  1. Wow thanks for this podcast. Eye awakening for sure . I cant imagine watching your fishing partner struggling to climb out a difficult situation , being helpless to do anything and watch them drown. I think back to my younger days and how that could have been me . Luckily i was able to climb out of a very dangerous situation. Your guest brought up some very strong points when it comes to wading safety. The use of a wading staff is an essential piece of equipment that everyone who enters the water must have . I know that when you’re a young stud you feel that a wading staff is only for old people but that is a an immature thought process. Mistakes happen at any age truth fully more when we are young brave and invincible. Lord knows how do we survive.
    Thanks again guys for putting out a great informative podcast . God bless

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