S2:E34 Fly Fishing Spring Creeks

Fly fishing spring creeks is a snap for those of you who cut your fly fishing teeth on the gorgeous eastern or midwestern creeks of the United States. We didn’t. We learned to fly fish on the freestone rivers in the West. You can imagine the shock to our system when we started fly fishing spring creeks. In this episode, we offer four hard-earned lessons from our learning curve to catch trout in spring creeks.

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Great Stuff from Our Listeners. At the end of each episode, we often include a feature called “Great Stuff from Our Listeners.” It’s the last portion of each episode, where Steve reads one of the comments from our listeners or readers. We enjoying hearing from you, and appreciate your advice, wisdom, and fly fishing experience.

What kinds of rivers do you fish most often? Did you learn to fly fish on spring creeks? What did we miss in this episode? We’d love to hear from you.

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2 Replies to “S2:E34 Fly Fishing Spring Creeks”

  1. I love listening to your podcasts, they make long drives fly by. I wondered if you had any information on the spring creeks that you heard might be in Northwest Missouri? I am from Missouri and the only spring fed creeks that I know of are in Southwest/South Central Missouri. We have 4 “trout parks” that are spring fed and are stocked during the season. They are Bennett Springs (my favorite)http://www.bennettspringstatepark.com/bennettspring/index.jsp Roaring River – https://mostateparks.com/park/roaring-river-state-park Montauk – https://mostateparks.com/park/roaring-river-state-park and Meramec – http://www.missouritrout.com/maramec.html There are some other creeks/springs in south Missouri that I think would fit the description of the Spring Creeks you described. For the most part the Spring Parks are very forgiving as far as trout seeing you, as there are some deeper runs. Thanks for the amazing podcasts and keep it up!!!

    1. Drew,

      I went back through our comments from one of our listeners (that is where we got the notion that there spring creeks in NW Missouri), and I think we got it wrong. He was referring to the creeks you mention. Our bad!

      Thank you so much for listening. Really appreciate your comments. And reaching out to us. Thank you!


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