Episode 39: Wade Fishing vs Floating

Wade fishing vs floating – it’s not either-or, of course. There is a time for each. But if you plan to take a fly fishing trip to the American West or some other area with bigger rivers, you’ll have a choice to make: should I use one or all of my days on a drift boat? Listen to this podcast, in which we help newbie fly fishers with the pluses and minuses of wade fishing vs floating. We also have thrown in some recommendations for your next float trip.

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How often do you float the big rivers? What do you prefer? Let us know your thoughts on this episode by posting your comments below.

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2 Replies to “Episode 39: Wade Fishing vs Floating”

  1. If you go to the Green River, Flaming Gorge section, do get a float guide and pick his brain. Several years back, my friend and I had headed out on a 10 day fishing trip. Hired an excellent guide for the first day. We brought our float tubes thinking this could be a great water for float tubing. Just prior to our getting lines wet, we heard that the boat guides were required to carry an extra oar. I can understand the concern, but oars are not the same as paddles. Needless to say, this did not go well with the guides. They complained stating that if they had to have an extra oar, float tuber’s had to have an extra fin. Things got and remain absurd. Something to keep in mind when setting up your fishing trip. Only if you plan to float tube live waters. We wade fished the next few days.

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