235: Flies that Work Anytime and Anywhere

Flies that work anytime and anywhere are essential to your fly box. Yes, there may be some specialty flies that work only during specific hatches, but more often than not, the basics are pretty much all you need (most or at least much of the time).

In this episode, we discuss two dry flies, two nymphs, a streamer – and what we’re calling a “wild card.” You can pretty much go to the bank with these flies.


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3 Replies to “235: Flies that Work Anytime and Anywhere”

  1. Thats a pretty reliable list you mentioned. I would add my CDC emerger ( F-Fly ) and probably a cripple, maybe a trico spinner. But what it really comes down to . Any fly you have the most confidence in . Cheers gentlemen and stay safe . Dave V

  2. I have no argument with your choices. Conspicuously absent as honorable mentions, though, are the pheasant tail nymphs and the stimulators as attractors. Of course, I imagine this list of missing favorites will grow as more listeners check in.

    I’m just happy to hear your voices again…keep the podcasts coming!

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