228: The Makings of an Outdoors Friendship

Friendship makes the outdoors better. At least that’s our perspective, given that our outdoors friendship has lasted four decades. In this episode, we discuss the makings of friendship and how certain kinds of competitiveness can prevent friendship from forming. We also discuss how “idle” friendships can be reinvigorated or restarted again. The old advertising line, “Things go better with Coke” should be reframed as “the outdoors go better with friendship.”


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One Reply to “228: The Makings of an Outdoors Friendship”

  1. Glad to have you guys doing podcast again. Yes fly fishing has given me the opportunity to meet several friends. Being a military veteran i had the pleasure of meeting people with allot of the same interests. Fly fishing different parts of the country with them gave us time away from some stressful situations . On the water we were able to bond fond memories . Although many of them now living far away now . We are still stay in touch often reminiscing our time together pursuing that tug on the line . Something we will never forget.

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