Episode 28: Fly Fishing Gadgets Galore

Tis the Season. Every fly fisher wants either a gift certificate or two in his or her stocking. Or some crisply wrapped stocking presents from a spouse who knows fly fishing gadgets. In this podcast, we banter a bit about our love of fly fishing gadgets. Steve is much more of a gadget junkie than is Dave. But in this podcast, we identify several fly fishing gadgets that make us happy.

A River Runs Through It

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3 thoughts on “Episode 28: Fly Fishing Gadgets Galore

  1. Great podcast guys, I have been listening for a few weeks now trying to catch up. One gadget that was not mentioned that I will not leave home without is a hook sharpener. Hitting rocks and logs on the bottom of a river will dull your hook. A hook sharpener will keep your flys sharp and ready for the fish of a lifetime.

  2. Wow! Could I add a lot on the wading staff section. I ALWAYS have mine clipped to my vest. I use it negotiating stream sides, getting up and down from boulders, killing snakes, probing ahead of my steps in murky water, whacking tall grass in snake country as I walk to the water–and it sure did not cost $150 DOLLARS. I use an old ski pole with the basket pulled off. It has been a literal life saver–or at least a dunking and swim out–several times. My first lecture to beginning fly fisher classes has always included “Acquire and use a wading staff.”