S5:E10 Strange Sightings While Fly Fishing

Strange sightings while fly fishing are part of the overall experience of the sport. In this episode, we recount watching a car float by while fishing the Yellowstone, a mink steal a duck from a nest, and a forest fire glow while on our way to fish Hebgen Lake.


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2 Replies to “S5:E10 Strange Sightings While Fly Fishing”

  1. Interesting podcast as always. I have a couple strange occurrences while fly fishing. Well I find them strange anyhow. First one time while fly fishing a creek in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I was working this pretty nice Brown Trout which was steadily rising in front of me . I made several cast with little success. When I finaly got the perfect drift I wanted. Just as the Brown was making it’s way to the surface to take my fly this osprey came out of nowhere and crashed into the stream leaving the water with my Brown in its talons. I was first startled which turned in to anger with a few words that I cant put here . Then to amazement. I’ll never forget that moment. The next strangest thing would be a time my younger brother and myself where hiking to a remote stream in the thick woods or north central Maine. Our hike to our fishing spot was close to 2 miles of rugged very thick brush that lead to a small waterfall and deep pool . When we finally broke through the thick brush we were both startled by the sight of a handful completely naked girls in thier 20s skinny dipping in our trout pool . We both froze neither knowing how to react. When I finaly gained sense of my senses I dragged my younger brother away from this pool of naked beauties. I took him downstream so we could continue on our main objective but my brother had a real hard time focusing on fishing. Well it was hard on the both of us. Lol

    1. Okay, David. No one can trump either of those.

      Glad you took the high road and dragged your brother away. You are such a good brother!



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