S4:E52 One Fine Day on One Fine Run

Steve is the restless wanderer when he is out on the water. He makes a few casts in a run and then skips ahead to the next. He moves on. On a recent trip to the Minnesota Driftless, Steve spent almost the entire two days of fishing in one fine run. In this final episode of Season 4, we continue our “One Fine Day” series about one fine run, certainly a day to remember.


Great Stuff from Our Listeners. At the of every episode, we reflect on a comment from one of our listeners. We’ve learned so much through the years from the insights and stories of our listeners.

Have you ever had a day where you stayed in one run for most of the day? We’d love to hear your stories.

Please post your comments and stories below, and we’ll consider them for our Great Stuff from Our Listener’s segment.


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3 Replies to “S4:E52 One Fine Day on One Fine Run”

  1. I was catching up on your pod casts as I headed down to Preston to work at the Driftless Fly Fishing Company. Boy was I surprised to hear you talking about my brother, Melvin Hayner’s fly shop. He is indeed working the shop part time and building the business. I was so pleased to hear you liked the shop. He is a real fly angler. He built the business from the ground up. Restoring the old building. As business grows he is hiring more help. However, he wants to make sure staff working the shop are also experienced fly Anglers who can answer your questions. I am lucky that I now have time to help him. I enjoyed working the shop today but we only had 3 people come by all day. Like many small town businesses his phone number is posted and he lives within blocks of the shop. We would like you to call if you stop by and need something but find it closed. And the Sandwich shop is great. The guides order from there for lunches on guided trips.

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      We definitely love the fly shop. Out of the 15 or so times we have been in Preston to fish, only two or three times have we been able to get into the shop.

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