The Fly Fishers

We are life-long friends who have spent many years fishing some of Montana’s great rivers and the Driftless’s gorgeous spring creeks. We like to think of ourselves as average fly fishers, though Steve may be more average than is Dave.

The above picture is from our first fly fishing trip in 1980.

We are the authors of The Fly Fisher’s Book of Lists: Life is short. Catch more fish. Buy a copy (and one for each of your TU chapter members) from Amazon today!

fly fishing adventure

Our simple goal is to create an entertaining and informative podcast that helps you catch more fish and deepens your love for the river. Since we’re rank-and-file fly fishers (and not expert guides or fly fishing consultants or gear heads), we hope to provide an online forum, a conversation, where ordinary fly fishers can add their expertise to mix.

Today, we both live in the Chicago suburbs. Steve and his family make their home on the North Shore. Previously, they lived in Montana for twenty years. Dave and his family live in the western ‘burbs in Wheaton, IL. Previously, Dave and his wife lived in Colorado.

Steve is a pastor, Dave runs a strategic marketing agency.

Steve is the author of several books, including Risen: 50 Reasons Why the Resurrection Changed Everything (Baker).

Dave is the author of Death by Suburb (HarperOne) and Native Tongue: Translating Your Message into the Language of Prospects (Big Snowy Media).

You can reach Steve and Dave at stevedave[@]