S2:E39 Gearing Up for a New Fly Fishing Season

A new fly fishing season brings new expenses. It may be finally time to buy a new pair of waders. Or a new duffle bag or a pair of wading sandals. Too bad you didn’t purchase them last fall when some gear went on sale! In this episode, we discuss the new fly fishing season and the new gear that we hope to purchase. Listen to “Gearing Up for a New Fly Fishing Season.”

Great Stuff from Our Listeners

At the end of each episode, we often include a feature called “Great Stuff from Our Listeners.” It’s the last portion of each episode, where Steve reads one of the comments from our listeners or readers. We enjoying hearing from you, and appreciate your advice, wisdom, and fly fishing experience.

What gear do you plan to purchase this year? New waders? Wading boots? A new fly rod? Please post your comments below.

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6 Replies to “S2:E39 Gearing Up for a New Fly Fishing Season”

  1. Sorry about the lost rods. I’d be pretty heart broken if I were in the same boat. I always find a good fishing trip always has some margin of disaster occuring post or pre fishing. A great day of fishing seems to be proportional to whatever disaster occured, whether broken gear (broke some nippers once) or lost (dropped the contents of a woollybug fly box in the Guadalupe, yeah that happens). Some disaster just means that trip is or was great. Except that one day on the Guadalupe, oh man that just wasn’t a fishing trip but a test of my coping mechanisms.

    Also, since you got to get new rods: try some Redington rods out, might be able to get some rods and other gear for the price.

    1. Thanks, Travis. I needed to hear your words this morning. Really appreciate it. And I love your suggestion for the Redington rods. Last fall on the Missouri, one of Steve’s friend allowed me to use his 9ft 8wt for the big rainbows, and I really enjoyed the rod. Again, thanks for posting. Means a lot.

  2. One piece of gear that I recently picked up is the Loon Rogue Forceps. The carabiner built into the handle is a bit of genius. It makes a quick grab easy when needed and secure when not. (After trekking through some brush I’ve lost others that I simply clamped onto my vest or pack.)

    1. Thanks, Tom, for this tip. We’ll have to check them out. You’re so right that it’s easy to lose stuff off of your vest when you’re thrashing through the brush. Been there, done that!

  3. Good morning, guys!

    Listened to your podcast on gearing up for the new season. Fortunately, I am pretty well set for the coming season, except for tying up a fly or two (or three or four or five or — well, you know how it goes).
    Anyway, my big purchase for this season was a pair of booties for wet wading. As you pointed out in the webcast about wearing waders in the summer, I thought this would be more comfortable.

    Good luck and tight lines!

    1. Good morning to you. Roger. Yes, I always feel like I’m behind on my fly tying. We hope the wading booties work well for you. Have a great spring and summer!

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