Episode 21: How to Fly Fish a Lake

There’s a reason this podcast is called “2 Guys and a River.” Our experience (such as it is) is largely fly fishing creeks and rivers. But fly fishing a lake has its own delights. Lake fishing is both the same as and different from fishing a river. Some principles apply in both settings. In How to Fly Fish a Lake, we give a simple overview of lake fishing and offer several ways to improve your results.

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One Reply to “Episode 21: How to Fly Fish a Lake”

  1. I vividly remember the one and only time I fished in a float tube with you on Hyalite Lake. It would have been one of my later high school years and I remember how cold and rainy it was that day. The fishing was very slow – I maybe had three or four half-hearted bites – but the event that sticks out the most was my feeble attempt at exiting the lake with the flippers on. The rain had picked up so we started the long “swim” back to shore, and by the time we got back it was raining steadily. I attempted to come out of the lake backwards and somehow still managed to catch the front of one of the flippers on some rocks and fell head first back into the lake. Fortunately you had already shed your flippers and pulled me upright, however the next ten minutes of struggling to get out and take refuge in the car provided some of the most miserably cold moments I have experienced while on the river or lake!

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