S4:E41 Fair Labor Practices for Fly Fishing Products

Fly fishing is truly global, if for no other reason than most fly fishing products are created or assembled in other parts of the world. In this episode, we interview Peter Stitcher, who, along with his wife Jessica, is the co-founder of Ascent Fly Fishing in the Denver area. Peter designed his company with purpose, and one of the key elements of his vision is to sell sustainable flies. Listen to Peter describe his “fly tying factory” in Africa, where he has created a community of fly tiers who have become, essentially, part of his extended family and who participate in the profits of his business.


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What are your thoughts on Peter’s vision for sustainable fly fishing products?

For more information on Peter Stitcher and his fly fishing business in Colorado, visit Ascent Fly Fishing.


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2 Replies to “S4:E41 Fair Labor Practices for Fly Fishing Products”

  1. Love this one! As someone who has gotten to know the Stitcher’s over the last year, they truly do care for their fly tying community, the fly fishing community, and their local community. I have witnessed firsthand their generosity and their compassion. While this is how they make a living, making the most money isn’t their ultimate goal. Great company. Even better people.

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