S3:E13 The Mystique of Fall Fly Fishing

Fall fly fishing is here. Truthfully, it’s our favorite time of year to fish. The transition from summer to fall to winter means Friday night lights, elk bugling, and cool nights. The browns stack up in the redds, in October, and the streamer bite is on many mornings. Click on “The Mystique of Fall Fly Fishing” now!

Listen now to “The Mystique of Fall Fly Fishing”

Great Stuff from Our Listeners. At the end of each episode, we often include a feature called “Great Stuff from Our Listeners.” It’s the last segment of each episode, where Steve reads one of the comments from our listeners or readers. We enjoy hearing from you, and appreciate your advice, wisdom, and fly fishing experiences.

What is it that you appreciate most about fall fly fishing? What is your favorite fall story?

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4 Replies to “S3:E13 The Mystique of Fall Fly Fishing”

  1. Fall to me is what spring is to many . Fall is an awakening. Something about fall brings out the life in me. Maybe it’s the cooler temps. The changing colors of leaves . The freshness of the morning air Also fall brings on flannel season , My favorite. Hot chocolate and hot dogs watching high school football. Reminiscing of my youth when I was full of energy. Brings back memories of walking the edges where the forest meets the field with my dad shotguns in hand waiting for that sudden rush of the Roughgrouse. The laughter when we both missed or the congratulating when we didn’t . A special kind of closeness between father and son . As for fly fishing it’s the pursuit of fall brook trout for me . I ask is there a fish that swims in fresh water that match the beauty of a Brook Trout in spawning colors . God’s paint brush blessed the Brookie . Fall for the fly fisher the streams are less crowed . The water cooler .The fish more active . The browns move up to the falls to spawn . More likely to take your offering . Less stress on the fish as the water temperature is lower a bit more oxygenated. At time the fight is stronger filled with leaps . Life is good for the dry fly fishermen. Fall is my favorite time of the year . I look foward to it every year. Oh for those that love to eat . And yes I love food . There is Thanksgiving. Yum yum

    1. Love that memory with your father and the grouse hunting. That is a deep and wonderful memory. And your phrase ” God’s paint brush blessed the Brookie” – so true!

  2. I loved this episode: philosophical, romantic, and on point. The oncoming of fall is my favorite time of year for all the reasons mentioned in this episode and, in point of fact, the smells of autumn are by far my favorite (with the scent of honeysuckle being the only comparable fragrance for the remainder of each year). Furthermore, there are few images in this world that I find more beautiful than the vermiculations of a brook or brown trout surrounded by autumnal foliage. It also does not hurt that there is always the promise of larger specimens.

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