S3:E35 What the Big Brown Trout Had for Lunch

Big brown trout are in reality river sharks, as biologists have noted. Brown trout in general also tend take over rivers and streams. Biologists surmise they feast on other trout like cutthroat and small fish. In this episode, we discuss a report in Hatch Magazine about what biologists discovered in the stomachs of brown trout. The episode may simplify your fly box.

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What patterns to you find most potent when fishing for browns? We’d love to read a great story of how you switched to a different fly and caught a huge brown!


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3 Replies to “S3:E35 What the Big Brown Trout Had for Lunch”

  1. Brown Trout–On effective caddis patterns you did not mention orange–I’ve caught trout and steelhead everywhere from Alaska rivers to Oregon still waters with various sized Elk Hair orange bodies. On Wooly buggers–you did not mention purple color! It’s a real killer. Hmmm. Maybe you left these out because they’re your favs???
    Also, Browns are night feeders, so if fishing in daylight, it’s almost always more effective to nymph or streamer them down deep.

    1. Great points! Thank you for posting. We will use this in our Great Stuff from Our Listeners!


  2. Was definitely interested in brown trout stomach P.C. Here on Truckee we obviously have both rainbow and browns,with rainbows being the most caught but Brown’s being the larger fish. Going to take this Intel and try fishing suggested flys to see if can’t incite one of those big boys to partake. Was always interested in checking stomachs when harvesting fish,but haven’t kept a trout in 40 years,so was much entertained. Thanks,boys.

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