Episode 3: Wildlife Encounters While Fly Fishing

Wildlife encounters while fly fishing are quite common. What makes the sport so unbelievably wonderful is the unpredictable nature of the great outdoors. In this episode, we tell a few yarns about running into a wolf, a herd of bison, and other animals while fly fishing America’s great rivers and streams. Listen to Wildlife Encounters While Fly Fishing.

Listen to our episode “Wildlife Encounters While Fly Fishing” now

At the end of each episode, we have a feature called “Great Stuff from Our Listeners.” We read a few of the comments from this blog or from our Facebook page. We enjoying hearing from our readers and listeners, and appreciate your advice, wisdom, and fly fishing experience.

Do you have any strange encounters of the wildlife kind while fly fishing? Please post them below.

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7 Replies to “Episode 3: Wildlife Encounters While Fly Fishing”

  1. Dave,
    When you and Steve had the bison encounter, you (Dave) were in no danger whatsoever. All you needed to do if the bison attacked was outrun Steve, which–trust me–would be no problem at all. This leads to one of the most important lessons of fly fishing in areas inhabited by wildlife: “Always fish with someone who is a slower runner than you.” 🙂

  2. When will you, Steve, publish the fly-fishing book? I saw Mark McIntosh recently, too.

    1. Good question! Alot of the material will show up in these blog posts. Dave (the other of the “Two Guys”) and I might collaborate on something together … perhaps an ebook or a series of ebooks. Thanks for asking. Glad you saw Mark. I hope he is doing well. He’s a fine fly fisher.

  3. You guys live on the edge . Lol . The only animal’s I have encountered a herd of cows , Moutain lion , a few snakes but the one that set my legs in a full out sprint an alligator. I was fly fishing for bass down in South Georgia when all of a sudden this gator comes crashing out of the bushes to my right . I shamefully admit I screamed like a little girl and ran through the woods nearly beating myself to death not knowing if the gator was still behind me. Thank God it wasnt .

    1. Haha … I’m not sure we live on the edge, but we’re always wary when we’re fishing among snakes, grizzlies, and buffalo. Yikes! I’m glad we don’t have to deal with gators in Yellowstone. I think I’d have the same reaction you did 😉

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