Episode 233: Tips for Landing Bigger Fish

Landing bigger fish is impossible if you simply try to rip in the fish like you would if you were spin fishing.

In this episode we identify several tips that have helped us increase our catch rate when Moby Dick hits our streamer or nymph. One tip is a different mindset, which comes only after one’s heart is broken after the big one got away.


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3 Replies to “Episode 233: Tips for Landing Bigger Fish”

  1. I have enjoyed your ramblings, er, podcasts for years . I have referred other fly oriented friends to them.
    I live in Paradise Valley along the Yellowstone nestled up in the north part among the 3 spring creeks.

  2. On Truckee any cast could hook a giant trout,brown or rainbow. PB around 26 inches,never take fish out of net for pictures,holding,and fish never need assistance. So gunning for 30 incher,but use 5X so much will be miracle if land it. 5 minutes is about normal,especially when high water and no soft edge. Love yur articles,thanks

  3. I enjoyed the landing big fish podcast! You provided some excellent information. The only thing I might add is that there is no rule that ays “A trout must be landed where it was hooked!” What do I mean by that? If I have a big fish on, I try to move the way it is going. If it’s strong enough to swim upriver (this is generally a BIG fish), I move upstream. If it turns and moves down, I follow it. Assuming the big fish has pulled some line from the reel in either an upstream or downstream run, I try move in the direction it is going and try “walk” line back on the reel. Staying in the spot you hooked it and trying to drag it back to you inceases the chance of losing the fish and increases the amount of time you have to fight the fish whic increases the chance of mortality from lactic acididosis .

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