Episode 36: Packing for a Fly Fishing Day Trip

A fly fishing day trip takes more thought than cramming your gear into a vest or fanny pack – and then hitting the trail. There’s nothing worse than hiking two miles in to your favorite runs and reaching for your fly box that isn’t there or having to ration your water for the day. In this podcast, we offer nine tips for packing for your next fly fishing day trip. Each trip is unique, and the gear you need should fit the situation.

Your Tips for Packing for a Fly Fishing Day Trip

We’d love to hear from you! Post your tips for making a fly fishing day trip a success.

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One Reply to “Episode 36: Packing for a Fly Fishing Day Trip”

  1. The chestpack has become quite popular over the past decade. It should hold all your selected flies, accessories. (tools, floatant, etc.) You need to carry water. Not much if you are going streamside. Always have water purification with you. A UV Water Treatment device that is very light and not cumbersom. Great for day trips. Plus the other things that are written here, emergency pack, foul weather gear, etc. There are chestpacks that also have a small packs on the back. A fanny pack can also be used inconjunction with a chestpack, for foods, clothing, water, etc.

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