S2:E1 What Makes for a Satisfying Day on the River

A satisfying day on the river – what makes one fly fishing day better than another? In this first episode of Season 2, we narrate the key moments of a satisfying day on the river while fishing in the Minnesota Driftless. The amount of trout we caught was average, but the overall experience was one of the best in recent years. Listen to the first episode of our second season now!

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For more information on Canfield Creek, visit the Forestville Mystery State Park web site.

We’d love to hear one of your stories about a satisfying day on the river.

At the end of each episode, we have a feature called “Great Stuff from Our Listeners.” We read a few of the comments from this blog or from our Facebook page. We enjoying hearing from our readers and listeners, and appreciate your advice, wisdom, and fly fishing experience. Please add your ideas to the creative mix.

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2 Replies to “S2:E1 What Makes for a Satisfying Day on the River”

  1. Dave and Steve,
    Here is to another successful season of 2 guys and a river. I am looking forward to what this season will bring.
    One of the most memorable days on the water for me was last fall. I was fishing with a good buddy of mine for King Salmon on the Salmon river in Pulaski NY. There was a group of us fishing, and at one point I had to stop and take in my surrounding’s. My buddy had invited his father and his uncle and a close older friend of theirs. I was with my son and 2 of his friends. I was walking up and down the bank making sure everyone was doing good and realized that we had 4 generations of fly fishers in our group, ageing from teenagers to late 60s. The 3 teenagers were all new to fly fishing, in fact it was the first time they gave it a try. I remember that evening during a great meal watching the boys listen intently to the older guys in the group tell amazing stories of trips taken 50 years ago on that same river. I knew the boys were hooked. We all caught fish that day, but a new tradition has been started with the booking of a trip on that same river with the same group of people this fall. For me, Its not always about the fish. Its being with great people and watching them unite with a common interest.

    1. So true, Glen, so true. Being with great people who are uniting around a common interest is quite satisfying. That’s a terrific experience you described … to have 4 generations on the river! I’m glad you’re going to make it a tradition.

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