Episode 41: Funny Outdoor Moments

Funny outdoor moments – we’ve all had a few. Where would fly fishing be without the stories? In this episode, we regale each other with some of our better fly fishing, hunting, and camping stories. This won’t be our only episode of funny outdoor stories. We hope to publish a new edition every six to 12 months.

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We know you have a story or two to tell. We’d love to read one of them! Please post your funniest outdoor story below! And we may even use the story on a future podcast!

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4 Replies to “Episode 41: Funny Outdoor Moments”

  1. I was a police officer in Anchorage AK and put my fly rod and a couple fly boxes in my police car trunk on a beautiful day in the mid 1970s. I decided to fish Jewel Lake for some rainbows to release as I snacked on my lunch break. I was tying a fly on my tippet but realized my nipper was on my vest at home. So, I tried to bite the tippet end off. I heard a vehicle’s squealing tires and jerked around. When I did, the tippet slipped and the fly set in my upper lip. The auto accident was avoided but the fishing was ended.

    I couldn’t get the fly out so went to my doctor, who was also my friend, and waited about 5 minutes. During that time my supervisor (also a friend) showed up. He looked at my bloody lip and first thought I had been in an altercation on my lunch break. He came close and asked me to remove my hand. When I did, he came even closer and was inches from my face. His eyes widened and in disbelief as he said, “That’s a fly.” I didn’t say a word the entire time. I was called back to see the doctor and he followed. Asking over and over, “How the hell did that happen?” The doctor cut the hook and removed and chuckling the entire time. He said to use direct pressure until the bleeding stopped. He too asked how it happened but I didn’t answer (called him later). My supervisor, never even smiled and looked very confused. I told him it was a personal lunch break accident and I didn’t owe him an explanation. He asked what the hell was I eating. He said that if I wanted him to be quiet, and not ride with me the rest of the shift, he needed an explanation. So I confessed. That is when he started laughing. I stared straight faced at him and he laughed harder. He was laughing as he got in his car and drove off. I really didn’t see the humor. When I radioed to him to keep his promise. He answered, “What promise?”

    The next morning I showed up at fallout with a swollen lip and told all inquiries it was a fly sting. As the supervisor gave his on duty announcements he avoided eye contact with me. In his final words he said the usual, “Okay guys and gals, lets get out there and fight fish, uh, I mean… crime. He glanced at me, and my swollen lip, and cracked up laughing in front of everyone. I don’t know exactly how, but the word eventually got out. I never wet a line that day but it is my funny fishing story.

    1. This is crazy funny! Awesome story!

      But man, that must have really really hurt.

      Thank you for posting! We may end up using this at some point!

      1. Yea, it did hurt for several days, but the real problem was how ugly it looked (swollen and blackened). The hook went in and through the outside of my upper lip with a lot of force because of tension on the line caused by the bent rod. If I had been a construction worker no one likely would have even noticed it. But a cop, in uniform, sort of stood out. People thought I had been hit in the mouth, and I refused to talk about it. Fortunately there was no crowd present when it happen. My supervisor was curious when I signed back on after only about 5 minute of a lunch break and then radio I was on the way to the medical center. That is why he showed up. I almost called in sick the next day. That happened about 40 years ago but I remember it as if it was yesterday.

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