S3:E46 Why We Like to Fish Alone

Some of you fish alone all or most of the time. We don’t. We probably fish five or six days with someone (often together) for every one day we fish alone. And yet both of us enjoy the days alone on the river. In this episode, we reflect on what makes fishing alone so different in kind from fishing with a buddy – and why we like our solitude.

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How often do you fish alone? Does it energize you? Or enervate you? What do you learn about yourself when fly fishing alone?


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3 Replies to “S3:E46 Why We Like to Fish Alone”

  1. I guess sometimes I get the bug to wet a fly and everyone is busy doing something else . So in order to get some quality time on the stream I’ll head out by myself . Which isn’t always a bad thing . I find sometimes I am able to focus more clearly. Perhaps it’s because I’m not thinking about what my fishing partner is doing . I’m not worrying if I should be trying to catch up to them . I think also I can just relax fish at my own pace . Reflect on my surroundings. Although I enjoy fishing with a partner I don’t think I enjoy fishing alone a bad thing.

    1. Great points, David! I especially love fishing at my own pace–speeding up or slowing down at will. You’re right about the focus, too. I get that.

  2. Fishing alone…or just being in the outdoors alone…is one of the few times we can cast aside the obligations of life, at least momentarily. When alone on the water there is only yourself, the stream, the fish. There is no work, no family, no fishing partner to think of and worry about. For that piece of time you are on the water, you are completely free. That’s a feeling that is worth seeking out.

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