S3:E51 Diners, Dives and Two Hungry Fly Fishers

What is fishing without the eating? No matter the luck on the river, we always wind up as two hungry fly fishers, looking to regale each other at a Wisconsin supper club or Montana bar and grill. This episode will definitely not help you catch more fish. But it just might motivate you to take the time to hunt down the great diners, drive-ins, and dives near the river. Let’s just say we never count calories after the thousands upon thousands of calories that we burn while fly fishing.

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For sure, you have eaten at some great places in your many trips to the river. We’d love to hear about them. Please post your stories below!


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6 Replies to “S3:E51 Diners, Dives and Two Hungry Fly Fishers”

  1. I’ll start by saying the older I get the gap closes between food and fly fishing. Used to be on the stream at sun up . Now my fishing partner Jay and I are at our favorite restaurant during sun up. We used to fly fish until dark without a lunch or supper break . Now we are off the water by 1 PM at our favorite mom and pop burger joint . Then back on the stream until dark yhat is if we don’t get the urge for a hot dog along with an ice cream cone Priorities have changed as we have gotten older along with our waist size.

  2. My wife and I fished Roaring River State Park in Missouri. At the lodge is a restaurant that will cook your freshly caught fish. You catch it, you clean it, and they cook it. And nothing tastes better!

  3. Steve and Dave:
    Great podcast.
    When fishing the Yellowstone region in late summer I always stay on the water for the evening, when there are fewer fishermen and more mayflies. That means the evening meal is typically a quick sandwich at a pullout. So, breakfast is my restaurant meal of the day.
    A couple years ago I had a fine breakfast at the Old Town Café in West Yellowstone. The food was great and the service was great. But what made it special was this: I sat at the counter and struck up a conversation with a fishy looking fellow two stools down. Turns out he was a guide that had spent his whole life in West Yellowstone. He had all kinds of local knowledge and was willing to share it. I asked him questions like where does he fish on his days off (answer: Hebgen Lake) and where he would recommend I fish in the area. One general tip that I remember: That famous fall fishing (Madison River and other waters in that area) often turns on a week or two before the fall crowds show up. Great to know if you don’t like fighting mobs of people on the water.
    So what did I learn at that breakfast? First, sit at the counter. Second, stop and chat with the locals. You never know what info you might pick up.

    1. Steve,

      Just wow! That is really great intel. What a great question, “Where do you fish on your days off?”

      And also great to know that the best fishing is earlier before the masses arrive. I think we may head to Montana in the fall again, but maybe go a bit earlier – September rather than October. That’s great information.


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