Tie Tippet to Leader with the Infinity Knot

Tippet to leader – that knot is the most at risk part of your dry fly or nymph fishing rig. How many fish have I lost because of my poorly tied knots? The very question makes me curl up into the fetal position.

Infinity Knot for Tippet to Leader

Adding tippet to the end of your leader requires a knot (unless, of course, you use tippet rings, which still require the clinch knot). And it’s this knot between leader and tippet that makes me nuts.

There are unlimited knot possibilities, of course, but not long ago, one of our listeners sent me a link to a video about how to tie the Infinity Knot. I won’t say the knot has transformed my life, but it has transformed my knot tying.

The Infinity Knot is quick, easy, and strong. Yes!

3 Replies to “Tie Tippet to Leader with the Infinity Knot”

  1. I definitely should try this knot. I have been using a loop knot for many years now. Braided leader with a loop and I make loops in my tippet. To connect to the leader. I find saves me lots of money I dont have to buy leader but once every few years . I know some people say that the leader and tippet dont lie out properly during the cast . I find it to be the opposite myself. Some people say the leader scares off fish . I also find that not to be true . Because I tie most of the time 7ft to 9ft of tippet to the leader. What I like about the braided leader. I add mucilin the same stuff I use for my silk lines I apply it to the leader and it floats all day and then some. If I ever want to nymph or wet fly fish I dont apply the mucilin . Sinks line any other leader . Even better once the leader absorbs the water.

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