Episode 260: Dave Kumlien on the Yellowstone Flooding and Its Effect on Fishing

The Yellowstone Flood of 2022 is not yet over, and already it is the most catastrophic flooding event of the Yellowstone River in recorded history. Major flooding on the Yellowstone River and its tributaries wiped out stretches of highway in Yellowstone National Park and in Paradise Valley to the north. Three inches of rain which took with it melting snow poured into these rivers.

We couldn’t think of a better person to talk with us about this than our friend Dave Kumlien, outfitter and guide, former fly shop owner in Bozeman, Montana, a former employee of the Whirling Disease Foundation and Trout Unlimited, and a member of the 2022 class of inductees into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.

In this episode, we interview Dave on the Yellowstone flooding and its effect on fishing.

Dave helps us understand the historic nature of the flooding and gives us some insights on what happens to the fish during a flood. For example, he says that flooding often pushes the trout to the extremities of the river. In general, flooding doesn’t seem to have too big of a impact on fish populations, though young trout tend to be more at risk.

Fish are resilient, Dave says, and fishing will likely return quickly.

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