Episode 256: One Fine Day on the East Gallatin River

The East Gallatin River flows in a northwesterly direction through the Gallatin valley in Montana, north of Bozeman. From the perspective of a drone a couple thousand feet up, the river, which is more like a large creek, might look like ribbon candy. It winds in large S curves on the Montana flatland, with almost 360-degree views of mountains, including the Bridgers, the Spanish Peaks, and the Tobacco Roots.

Last fall, we fished the East Gallatin River on some private property, thanks to a friend. In this episode, the first in a while, we tell the story of one fine day on the East Gallatin River.

We hope you are surviving the winter blahs and dreaming of some fine days of spring fly fishing.


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6 Replies to “Episode 256: One Fine Day on the East Gallatin River”

  1. Hi Guys
    Welcome back. I look forward to the new episodes. I’m heading back to Wisconsin for the summer next month. Grayling fishing here in the UK hasn’t been that great for me this season but things can only get better in those Driftless creeks, maybe we’ll see you there.

    1. Great to hear from you, Brian. I think there is a bit more water in the Driftless this year. Last year, the creeks were so low.

  2. It will be great to hear your voices again. I”m really looking forward to your stories and tips.

    1. Tom, great to hear from you, Tom. Looking forward to hearing some of your stories from the river

  3. I love listening to you guys while I do canoe fishing and camping trips in the Adirondacks. Glad to have you back and hope to have some episodes to listen to this summer!

    1. Thanks, Jay. Good to be back! We will definitely have at least four more in the spring and another four to six in the summer.

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