Episode 278: Fly Fishing Resolutions to Make the Next Three Seasons Great

Fly fishing resolutions are typically set forth in January. It’s mid-March. But we thought that you’d like to hear our fly fishing resolutions for the next three seasons, when we do most of our fishing.

One of Steve’s resolutions centers around his recent proclivity to break his fly rods. He has broken three in the last couple years. One of Dave’s is to, once and for all, learn the double haul cast – or at least perfect it. We fish most of our days on the spring creeks in the Driftless region, where the double haul is hardly used for distance. The streams are mostly spring creeks, and the fly fisher’s biggest problem tends not to be distance.

Fly Fishing Resolutions to Make the Next Three Seasons Great


Fly fishing is a lot more than simply learning how to cast. For example, learning how to read water is another of the most elemental aspects of fly fishing.

There are thousands of techniques and hacks that can help you catch more fish.

Often, it’s the little things that make a big difference, increasing your enjoyment of the sport.

“The Fly Fisher’s Book of Lists” is a must-read for folks who prefer to scan lists and find new ways to catch more fish. Read one list, and, like a handful of peanuts, you won’t be able to stop at one.

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3 Replies to “Episode 278: Fly Fishing Resolutions to Make the Next Three Seasons Great”

  1. Good podcast gentlemen.
    Like the idea of resolutions for 2024.
    Want to say good luck . Dave fishing with 7x tippet can be fun and you will learn to control your hook set and how you play a fish. I agree with you both about working out in your 60s . Although very beneficial its an uphill battle to convince yourself to do so. I HATE working out . Steve I think you have the biggest challenge of all . Not spending money on something you absolutely love like fly fishing is nearly impossible especially for me. I admire your enthusiasm. To hop on board with the resolution thing my top three will go as follows. First become a better fly tier. Second to get out more with family . Third to catch a west slope cutthroat. Good luck and tight lines.

  2. Man, I love all your resolutions. Except maybe to become a better fly tier! Ha!

    Any trips in 2024 to work on catching a West Slope cutt?


  3. Thanks . I’ve been looking at North East Idaho for the west slope cutt . I’m thinking maybe I should trick i mean convince the Mrs to go on vacation in that area. Sure looks pretty up there.

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