“2 Guys and a River” Turns 4 Years Old

This past week, we celebrated our four year anniversary. Second only to fly fishing (of course), publishing our podcast has become one of the great joys of our lives. We’ll continue until we run out of stories or run out of joy.

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  1. I began listening to your podcast about 3 years ago when I was recovering from back surgery. Since then we have sold and built a house, witnessed the marriage of our two daughters and now anticipating our first grandchild. Throughout all of this your podcast has fed my love for fly fishing when driving to the stream or when life has lead me other directions. Well done on your four years!

  2. Congratulations Dave and Steve!

    I am glad you are still full of joy. Please keep the stories coming. I recently binge-listened while I was driving up to Grey Reef, Wyoming for my first ever float trip. I caught up with podcasts and the next day had my best day ever of fishing. Drove home and we picked up a new Labrador puppy. It just doesn’t get much better than that! Thanks for the inspiration and education.

    1. Nina,

      Thank you so much for the comment! So great that you had a successful float.

      And I love dogs (I have two of them), so the puppy is just plain fun – and a ton of work. With our last one (two years ago), we wondered if she would ever learn to do her business in the yard. Wasn’t house trained until 6 months. She seemed smart enough (English Golden), but struggled to figure it out. We had a collective sigh of relief when she finally was “yard trained.”



  3. Congratulations on the four years. What a Blessing to so many of us. I found your podcast just over a year ago and have enjoyed many, many of them. I have promoted your podcast to any one interested in fishing.
    You guys always make my day! FUN, FUN,FUN!!
    Life IS short, however, it is people like you that make it better. Thanks

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